CTP Delegation Visits Tatlısu

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Visits Tatlısu Village in Famagusta

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) from Famagusta District paid a visit to Tatlısu village this week as part of its “we are on the streets” campaign. The CTP delegation engaged with the citizens, listened to their questions, and shared their proposed solutions. They also emphasized the inevitability of early elections in 2024 for the welfare of the people.

According to information provided by CTP, the citizens living in Tatlısu expressed their full support for CTP’s economic and political policies. During the visit, the residents voiced their concerns about the safety of the roads leading to Tatlısu, accessibility issues for Social Security beneficiaries to medicine and health services, the high cost of living putting low-income individuals and retirees in difficult situations, and the urgency of resolving the Cyprus issue.

The CTP delegation included CTP Secretary General Asım Akansoy, CTP Famagusta Deputy Teberrüken Uluçay, Erkut Şahali, CTP İskele Deputy Biray Hamzaoğulları, CTP Nicosia Deputy Sami Özuslu, and representatives from the CTP Famagusta District Youth Organization.

The visit was part of the party’s effort to directly engage with citizens, understand their concerns, and present their plans for the future. It provided an opportunity for the residents of Tatlısu to actively participate in the political process and have their voices heard.


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