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Transformation: From Human to Dog

A man in Japan has made headlines around the world after deciding to transform into a dog, claiming he was ‘tired of being human.’ Toco, as he is now known, spent two million yen to transform into a border collie and fulfill his ‘childhood dream’. The transformation process involved working with a movie costume production company, where the dog costume was completed in just 40 days.

Toco also documents his life as a dog on a YouTube channel called ‘I want to be an animal.’ He shares videos of himself walking on all fours, doing tricks for rewards, and being taken for walks by his ‘owner’. However, Toco refuses to speak in the videos, claiming that he is now a dog and wants to keep his identity hidden from friends who think his desire to be a dog is strange.

In a recent video, Toco was seen in the streets of Tokyo with his ‘owner,’ where children were initially curious and cautious. After his owner reassured the children that Toco wouldn’t bite, they began to pet him, and he even performed tricks, receiving praise from those around him. The video received positive feedback from ‘Toco fans’ who praised his interactions with people.


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