Değirmenlik: At the Top of Comfort

Miracle Değirmenlik Continues to Lead AKSA First League

After 18 weeks of matches, Miracle Değirmenlik is still holding onto the top spot in the AKSA First League with a comfortable 14-point lead. With 47 points, they are maintaining their strong position in the league.

Following closely behind is Dem’s Construction Çanakkale with 33 points, trailing Miracle Değirmenlik by quite a margin. Esentepe, who dropped to third place with 32 points, is facing tough competition from Hamitköy, who holds the fourth position with 30 points.

The recent matches over the weekend have solidified Miracle Değirmenlik’s dominance in the league, and they continue to be the team to beat. With their strong performance throughout the season, they are setting the pace for the rest of the league.

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Miracle Değirmenlik to see if they can maintain their lead and secure their position as the top team in the AKSA First League.


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