Diverse Products Sold in Turkmenistan Market

The State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan saw a successful trading day on Friday, February 23, with a variety of products being sold to both local and foreign buyers. Entrepreneurs from Turkey, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates engaged in deals with the State Concern Turkmennebit for the purchase of polypropylene and base oil.

Additionally, goods such as unpeeled dried licorice roots, rhizomes, and cotton yarn were purchased from the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. Turkmen companies also sealed deals for the acquisition of polypropylene, cotton yarn, and bedding sets.

Domestically, Turkmen businessmen bought float plate glass and handmade Turkmen carpets from the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production. In total, 11 deals were completed during the auction, totaling 20,227,470.31 manats and $13,872,920.

For those interested in the quotations from the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan, they can be found on their official website. This successful trading day showcases the diversity and vibrancy of Turkmenistan’s economy on the international stage.


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