Customs seizes goods worth 508 million liras – Turkish news update

Authorities in Turkey have successfully conducted operations in Mersin and Kocaeli, resulting in the seizure of a large number of contraband items with a significant total value.

In Mersin, it was discovered that a suspicious container was switched out for another container with the same number. Upon inspection, authorities found a staggering amount of items in the vehicle, including 322 thousand sunglasses, 62 thousand 200 degree glasses, 15 thousand sunglass lenses, 1400 toys, 2 thousand 350 rechargeable children’s toothbrushes, and 21 thousand 950 button-type mobile phones. The customs clearance value of these items was approximately 311 million Turkish liras.

In Kocaeli, a separate operation led to the confiscation of 9 thousand 413 speakers, 4 thousand 550 magnetic smart chargers, 128 thousand wired headphones, 5 thousand AUX cables, 11 thousand 960 UXB cables, 2 thousand phone holders, 1500 microphones, 13 thousand 980 cameras, protective glass, 218 thousand 320 cardboard boxes, and 2 thousand 390 MP3 players. In total, authorities seized a shocking 497 thousand 547 contraband items during this operation.

These successful operations demonstrate the vigilance and diligence of Turkish authorities in combating illegal activities and ensuring the safety and security of the country.


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