Brazilian President Condemns Violence in Gaza as Potential Genocide

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva has once again spoken out against Israel’s attacks on Gaza, calling them “genocide” at an event in Rio de Janeiro. Lula da Silva criticized the Israeli government for what he described as indiscriminate killings of women and children, stating that it is not a war but a systematic campaign of violence.

Expressing support for a “free and independent” Palestinian state alongside Israel, Lula da Silva emphasized the need for clear policies on the issue. He also condemned the United Nations Security Council for its inaction and lack of effectiveness in promoting peace, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In response to Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz’s threat to declare Lula da Silva persona non grata in Israel unless he apologized for his comments, Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira reaffirmed their position and refused to back down. Lula da Silva’s remarks comparing Israel’s actions to genocide and drawing parallels to Adolf Hitler’s regime have sparked controversy, but the former president stands by his words.

With the death toll in Gaza continuing to rise, Lula da Silva remains outspoken in his criticism of Israel’s military actions and calls for international intervention to address the humanitarian crisis. Despite facing backlash from some quarters, the Brazilian government stands firm in its support for Palestinian rights and its condemnation of violence against civilians.


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