E-Consignment Notes: Dordoi Dyikan Vendors Stage Protest by Absenteeism

Dordoi Dyikan market vendors in Bishkek have recently gone on strike in protest against the requirement to use electronic invoices and consignment notes in their work. The Chairman of the Market Association, Ziyabidin Maksutov, stated in an interview with news agency that vendors feel their demands are not being heard by senior management.

The vendors at the market are expressing difficulties in adapting to the new electronic system, citing challenges in using the tools mandated by tax authorities. Many vendors are involved in the resale of goods and rely on large containers as storage spaces, making it impractical to issue electronic invoices and consignment notes to every buyer. Additionally, there is discontent among vendors, particularly those selling fruits and dried fruits, regarding tax rates and regulations.

Despite the government’s efforts to transition all markets in the country to electronic consignment notes and invoices starting from January 1, 2024, the implementation has faced challenges. Tax officials have reportedly been pressuring vendors to comply, but issues with the functionality of the required websites have been reported.

In response to the vendors’ concerns, President Sadyr Japarov has postponed the switch to electronic consignment notes until July 1, 2024, following a rally held by Dordoi market sellers. This decision comes after the president met with vendors to address their grievances and give them additional time to prepare for the transition.

The situation at Dordoi Dyikan market highlights the complexities and challenges faced by vendors in adapting to new electronic systems and regulations, emphasizing the importance of effective communication between vendors, market associations, and government officials to ensure a smooth transition process.


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