“FIFA lifts ban on Altay in latest sports news update”

Black and White Teams Lifted from Ban to Develop Youth Players

FIFA has lifted bans imposed on the Turkish professional football team Altay after they were banned from transferring players and issuing licenses due to their debts to foreign football players. The bans had been in effect for two terms.

The team has been working hard to overcome this obstacle and has now received official correspondence from FIFA, indicating that they have been successful. Altay, who operate from U9 to U19 in the infrastructure, are now able to include football players under 15 years of age in their team and train these players in the infrastructure.

This is a significant development for the Black and White teams as they can now reinforce their teams under the age of 15 whose staff has been vacated. However, the professional team transfer ban for the İzmir representative remains in effect because the debts owed have not yet been paid.

This is a positive step for Altay; they can now invest in their youth players and focus on building a strong team. It has been a difficult journey, but with new opportunities, they hope to emerge as a stronger and more competitive team.


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