HI-TECH Turkmenistan 2024: International Forum and Exhibition in Ashgabat

The International Forum and Exhibition on attracting high technologies and innovations to the economy of Turkmenistan, known as “HI-TECH Turkmenistan 2024,” is set to take place in Ashgabat from September 4 to 6, 2024.

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the Oguzabat Economic Organization, this forum aims to provide a platform for fostering cooperation with foreign partners in the realm of innovative technologies and boosting investment activity.

Enterprises, organizations, professional and public associations, as well as entrepreneurs, are encouraged to participate in the event. “HI-TECH Turkmenistan 2024” will explore various categories including construction technologies, smart cities, artificial intelligence and machine learning, renewable energy sources, energy-efficient technologies, marketplaces, 5G and next-generation communication networks, medical diagnostic devices and equipment, robotics, virtual reality in industry, electronic government, financial technology, among others.

This forum promises to be a valuable opportunity for networking, collaboration, and showcasing the latest technological advancements in Turkmenistan. Stay tuned for updates and insights from the event.

– ORIENT news

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