Crackdown on Paedophiles and Sex Offenders: Hungary Implements Stricter Child Protection Laws

Hungary’s parliament recently made significant changes to the laws aimed at protecting children from sexual abuse. The amendments, which were passed with a majority vote, will ensure that sexual crimes against minors will never be subject to any statute of limitations. Additionally, individuals convicted of such crimes will not be eligible for probation.

Moreover, the amendments dictate that those sentenced to more than 5 years of imprisonment for sexual offenses will not have their criminal records cleared. Furthermore, the president of the republic will no longer have the authority to grant pardons to individuals convicted of sexual crimes against minors.

In efforts to further enhance child protection, Hungary’s registry of individuals convicted of paedophilia will now include information on offenders convicted not only in Hungary but also in other European Union countries and the United Kingdom. Additionally, child molesters will no longer be released into home custody.

The new laws also mandate that leaders and staff of child protection institutions undergo psychological screening and maintain an impeccable lifestyle. Individuals who fail the psychological assessment will not be hired or will be promptly dismissed if already employed. Furthermore, regular lifestyle assessments may be conducted by the police’s National Protection Service if there are suspicions of inappropriate behavior.

Regarding children’s camps, adults present at the camp must provide a certificate of good conduct to demonstrate that they have no history of child molestation, are not currently under prosecution, and are not undergoing involuntary medical treatment. These measures are aimed at ensuring a safe environment for children.

Additionally, the amendments emphasize the importance of educating children on the responsible use of the internet and media. Children are also required to respect the human dignity of others while exercising their freedom of expression. The legislation also facilitates the reporting and removal of cyberbullying content to protect children online.

Overall, these changes represent a significant step towards bolstering child protection laws in Hungary and safeguarding the well-being of minors.


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