Committee Approves Draft Law to Lift Ban on Uranium Mining in Two Readings

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has recently made a decision regarding the mining of uranium and thorium in the country. The Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Subsoil Use and Industrial Policy passed a bill in the second and third readings to lift the ban on mining these substances.

The bill was approved by four deputies – Azizbek Tursunbaev, Marat Murataliev, Alisher Kozuev, and Zamirbek Mamasadykov. However, MPs Chingiz Aidarbekov, Mirlan Samyikozho, and Seidbek Atambayev voted against it.

MP Mirlan Samyikozho expressed the need for further refining the bill. He and Aidarbekov suggested a provision that would restrict the extraction of uranium and thorium in cases where they are found alongside other minerals. Unfortunately, this proposal was not accepted by the deputies.

This decision has stirred up controversy and debate among parliament members and the public. It remains to be seen how this bill will impact the mining industry and the environment in Kyrgyzstan. Stay tuned for further updates on this important issue.


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