Hitting the Mark: Turkish Defense Industry Targets Moving Targets

The collaboration between domestic defense industry products Bayraktar TB2, ASELFLIR-500, KMC, CİRİT, and MAM-L has proven to be successful in hitting both fixed and moving targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The ASELSAN ASELFLIR-500 Electro-Optical System, mounted on the Baykar Bayraktar TB2 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), effectively marked targets that were hit by Roketsan production platforms and ammunition.

According to ASELSAN’s announcement, two test shots were conducted as part of the ongoing activities. The first shot involved the ASELFLIR-500 marking and hitting a moving unmanned target with the MAM-L ammunition. In the second shot, the fixed target was marked by the ASELFLIR-500, and the KMC Vehicle from Roketsan successfully hit the target with the CİRİT Missile, destroying both fixed and moving land targets.

In a statement, Presidency Defense Industry President Haluk Görgün praised the performance of ASELFLIR-500, Bayraktar TB2, and Roketsan’s ammunition and missile technologies, highlighting their readiness for challenging war scenarios. He also congratulated the technical team for their contributions to the successful operation.

The collaboration between these advanced defense industry products showcases Turkey’s capabilities in developing cutting-edge technologies for defense purposes. For more updates and news in the defense industry, you can follow

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