Hungarian Winemakers Benefit from Orbán’s Cabinet

Agriculture Minister István Nagy recently attended the inauguration of the refurbished headquarters and laboratory of the Association of Transylvanian Hungarian Winemakers in Sacueni (Székelyhíd), located in north-western Romania. During the event, Nagy emphasized the Hungarian Agriculture Ministry’s commitment to developing historic Hungarian wine regions and supporting Hungarian winemaker communities outside of Hungary’s borders.

Nagy highlighted the Hungarian government’s ongoing efforts to provide professional and financial assistance to Hungarian agricultural producers in foreign countries who are an integral part of Hungarian communities abroad. Since 2012, the Hungarian government has been dedicated to supporting these communities, including the recent renovation of the Sacueni facility, which now includes a functioning laboratory thanks to the Hungarian government’s support.

In addition to the inauguration ceremony, Nagy also mentioned other recent achievements in the Hungarian wine industry, such as Hungarian wine making it to the top 10 list of the New York Times and even receiving a blessing from Pope Francis. These developments are a testament to the growing recognition and success of Hungarian wines on the international stage.

Overall, the newly refurbished headquarters and laboratory in Sacueni symbolize the ongoing support and collaboration between the Hungarian government and Hungarian winemaker communities beyond Hungary’s borders, further solidifying Hungary’s presence in the global wine industry.


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