Jamoliddin Khojimanov Elected Mayor of Gulistan City

Jamolidin Khojimanov Appointed as Mayor of Gulistan

Jamolidin Khojimanov, the first deputy mayor of Tashkent’s Chilanzar district, has been appointed as the new mayor of the city of Gulistan. This decision comes after the former mayor, Tulkinjon Dadaboyev, was relieved of his position due to health issues.

The announcement of Khojimanov’s appointment was made by the press service of the regional governor’s office in the Syrdarya region. An extraordinary session of the Gulistan city council of people’s deputies was held today, with the participation of regional governor Akmaljon Mahmudaliev.

During the session, Mahmudaliev recommended Khojimanov for the position of mayor, which was approved by the Gulistan City Council. Khojimanov, born in 1987 in the Sardoba district, graduated from Tashkent State Agrarian University in 2011 with a specialization in accounting and audit.

Throughout his career, Khojimanov has held various responsible positions in finance and economics in both the Tashkent region and city. Prior to his appointment as mayor, he served as the first deputy mayor of Chilanzar district, focusing on financial, economic, and poverty reduction issues, as well as heading the department for economic development and poverty reduction.

Tulkinjon Dadaboyev had been serving as the mayor of Gulistan city since February 25, 2019, until his departure from the position on February 6, 2024, citing health reasons. Khojimanov’s appointment as mayor marks a new chapter for Gulistan under his leadership.


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