KAAN Reaches the Sky Again

SSB President Görgün: A Historic Moment in Turkish Aviation

In a significant milestone for Turkish aviation, the second flight of the National Combat Aircraft KAAN Project was successfully carried out. This project, initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries to meet the combat aircraft needs of the Air Forces Command, has been developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). SSB President Görgün, who met with the Test Pilots and Project Team after the second flight, expressed his gratitude for this achievement.

Görgün described the moment as historic, stating, “We witnessed another important day in Turkish aviation history and Turkish defense history. Our manned warplane completed its second flight today, following its first successful flight on February 21. The data obtained from the first flight was analyzed, preparations were made, and today we completed the second flight.”

The SSB President highlighted the success of the second flight, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of the team. He expressed his pride and excitement for this accomplishment and thanked all employees, engineers, pilots, and test pilots for their dedication. Görgün also acknowledged the anticipation and prayers of everyone involved in the project leading up to the momentous flight.

The KAAN project, equipped with 5th Generation Combat Aircraft capabilities such as high maneuverability and low radar visibility, began its production activities in March 2022. After completing component assembly and system tests, the aircraft successfully made its first flight on February 21, 2024.

With preparations now underway for subsequent flights, the KAAN project is set to deliver a second prototype in 2025. The recent achievements in Turkish aviation mark a significant advancement in the country’s defense capabilities, showcasing the dedication and expertise of the team behind this groundbreaking project.


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