Kazakhstan’s Sweet Success Expands to US Market

Happy Cake, the beloved confectionery sensation from Kazakhstan, has made its mark in the United States with the opening of its first branch near the Hampton Inn Sugarland in Texas. What started as a small home-based bakery has now grown into a network of over a hundred stores, delighting customers with their delicious cakes and pastries.

Founded by Askhat Soltanov, Happy Cake originally began selling cakes on Instagram in 2013. The Soltanov family’s passion for baking has led to the success of their business, with each cake still being handcrafted with love. Alisher Yelikbayev, a famous Kazakh blogger and Soltanov’s partner, shared that their journey together started with a treat of Happy Cake’s popular Milky Girl dessert.

Happy Cake has not only become a favorite in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, but it has also ventured into the American market, showcasing the international appeal of Kazakh brands. The franchise model implemented by Soltanov has enabled young entrepreneurs to thrive, with over 100 Happy Cake stores now operating in and around Kazakhstan.

In addition to a wide range of cakes and pastries, Happy Cake offers a curated selection of teas and coffees, making it a one-stop destination for sweet treats and beverages. The success of Happy Cake in the U.S. not only reflects the growth of Kazakhstan’s economy but also highlights the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and culinary heritage on a global scale.

As Happy Cake continues to expand its presence internationally, it serves as a cultural ambassador, showcasing the innovation and excellence of Kazakh brands in competitive markets. With its commitment to quality and tradition, Happy Cake is poised to win the hearts of customers around the world with its delectable creations.


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