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President Joe Biden has pledged continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s aggressive invasion, stating that Ukraine will not be wiped off the map and that Russia will not prevail. During the NATO summit, Biden announced that the United States and its allies will provide Ukraine with additional weapons, including air-defense systems.

Biden’s strong statements come as Russia intensifies its bombing campaigns in Ukraine, causing civilian casualties and destruction. The United States, along with Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, and other partners, will donate Patriot missiles systems and interceptors to bolster Ukraine’s defenses.

The NATO summit, which marks the alliance’s 75th anniversary, is crucial for discussing ways to strengthen defense capabilities and support Ukraine. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned of the global implications of a Russian victory in Ukraine, emphasizing the need to prevent such an outcome.

Efforts to support Ukraine include plans for additional military aid, such as air defense systems and fighter jets. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has advocated for enhanced security guarantees, including a pathway to NATO membership. While some NATO members are hesitant to commit to membership while the war continues, there are discussions about irreversible steps towards Ukraine’s eventual inclusion.

The summit also addresses NATO members’ defense spending commitments, with calls for increased investment in the face of evolving security threats. The need for greater burden-sharing among allies is highlighted, with the United States currently accounting for a significant portion of NATO defense spending.

Despite concerns about leadership and unity within NATO, the alliance remains focused on supporting Ukraine and deterring Russian aggression. The upcoming meeting between President Biden and President Zelenskiy, along with other world leaders, underscores the importance of collective action in defending Ukraine’s sovereignty and stability.



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