Kyrgyzstan’s Path to Reduced Mineral Fertilizer Imports

Kyrgyzstan on track to reduce dependence on imported mineral fertilizers

Kyrgyzstan is taking steps to reduce its dependence on imported mineral fertilizers, according to Deputy Director of the Department of Chemicalization, Plant Protection and Quarantine under the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry of Kyrgyzstan Jalilbek Toimatov.

Toimatov highlighted the state visit of President Sadyr Japarov to China in 2023, during which an agreement was signed for the construction of a plant for the production of mineral fertilizers in Nookat district of Osh region.

“Architectural and planning conditions and a feasibility study are being prepared now. After the first quarter of 2024, we plan to start construction. The first stage is aimed at the production of organo-mineral fertilizers (200,000 tons), the second at the production of urea (annual capacity – 300,00 tons). If the plant is built and domestic production of mineral fertilizers is launched, we will be export-oriented,” Toimatov explained.

In May last year, during the state visit of Sadyr Japarov to China, a number of bilateral documents, including an investment agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic and Hebei Bai Dou Jia LLC on the implementation of the project to build a plant for the production of fertilizers for $260 million, were signed.

This initiative is a significant step towards achieving self-sufficiency in fertilizer production and reducing reliance on imports. It is expected to have positive implications for Kyrgyzstan’s agricultural sector and overall economy.


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