Leadership of Toshshahartransxizmat facing criminal charges

Several high-ranking officials of Toshshahartransxizmat JSC have been implicated in a scheme to embezzle spare parts and fuel products from bus depots, resulting in significant economic damage to state interests. The chairman of the JSC, D.A., the chief engineer A.A., and the heads of the 1st and 8th bus depot branches, T.D., and I.B., have been accused of colluding to carry out this fraudulent activity.

The State Security Service conducted operational investigative activities within the transport sector, leading to the identification of these legal violations within Toshshahartransxizmat JSC. As a result, the Investigative Department of the State Security Service has initiated a criminal case against the responsible officials and others involved, citing violations of Article 167 (embezzlement or misappropriation) and Article 209 (office forgery) of the Criminal Code.

In response to these allegations, pre-trial measures in the form of detention have been applied to the chairman, chief engineer, and the heads of the 1st and 8th bus depot branches. This comes after the detention of Anvar Jurayev, the former chairman of Toshshahartransxizmat JSC and head of the Tashkent city main department of the Ministry of Transport, at the beginning of February.

Anvar Jurayev, who held the position of chairman of Toshshahartransxizmat from 2017 to 2018, was temporarily removed from his role and later reinstated in 2019. The ongoing investigation sheds light on the alleged collusion and fraudulent activities that have led to economic losses for state interests.



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