Minister Ersoy Sets Ambitious Tourism Targets for 2024

Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, has announced ambitious targets for the tourism sector in the coming years. Ersoy stated that the aim is to attract 60 million visitors and generate 60 billion dollars in revenue by 2024. This announcement was made during a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Banks Association of Turkey.

Ersoy highlighted the importance of archeology in sustaining the tourism sector and emphasized the government’s commitment to increasing the number of archaeological studies. He also mentioned the introduction of night museums as a new initiative to promote sustainable tourism.

Alpaslan Çakar, Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented on Turkey’s strong production capacity and its increasing exports to both developed and developing countries. He emphasized the significant role of the tourism sector in contributing to employment, foreign exchange earnings, and added value.

Despite the challenges in the global economy, Çakar expressed confidence in the positive trend of tourism and other service revenues. The banking sector has pledged to continue its support for industries that generate foreign currency and boost employment.

Overall, the Turkish government is taking proactive measures to ensure the continued growth and success of the tourism sector, with the ambitious goal of attracting 60 million visitors and generating 60 billion dollars in revenue by 2024.


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