Minister Yumaklı Releases Statement on Tea Purchase Price

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Bekir Pakdemirli, recently spoke to journalists before the AK Party’s group meeting and addressed concerns regarding the purchase price and costs of Çaykur. Pakdemirli assured that there is no abnormal situation between the two and explained that the costs are thoroughly examined each year before determining the price.

He emphasized that a reasonable income or profit is added to cover expenses and ensure sustainability. Pakdemirli also stated that keeping expectations high is a political strategy and should not influence the pricing of products.

This statement comes as a relief to many retirees who rely on Çaykur products, as it indicates that prices will be set fairly and with consideration for all stakeholders. The development has been described as reformative and is expected to benefit both consumers and producers.

Overall, the reassurance provided by Minister Pakdemirli has brought optimism and confidence to the market, reassuring consumers that prices will be set fairly and transparently.


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