New HR Management Module Launching in July

USAID’s Future Growth Initiative, in partnership with «Maslahatly Chozgut», is introducing the “Pathways to Employment” program in Turkmenistan. This program aims to create new job opportunities in the fields of Logistics, Marketing, and Human Resources Management (HR) for recent university graduates. The program requires candidates to take the training seriously, complete the full course, and actively participate in all classes and activities.

The program is divided into three modules, each lasting one month. The “Logistics” and “Marketing” modules have already been successfully launched in May and June of this year.

The next module, focusing on HR management, will begin in July. Leading HR experts will share their knowledge and experience to help participants master HR management techniques. Through this module, participants will learn how to use modern HR tools and strategies to enhance efficiency. They will also sharpen their analytical, communication, and leadership skills to excel as team leaders.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to potential employers at the Pitch Day event. This event allows direct interaction with employers and the chance to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained from the program.

To register for the “HR Management” module of the project, applicants must complete the application form by clicking on the provided link before June 22, 2024. The selection of participants will be based on merit, and the number of available spots is limited.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and kickstart your career in HR management with the “Pathways to Employment” program in Turkmenistan.

Photo: USAID


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