Number Ten Lottery Results and Ticket Inquiry – February 12, 2024

Number Ten 12 February 2024 Results and Ticket Inquiry

Today, the eagerly awaited winning numbers for Number Ten, a popular game among gambling enthusiasts, will be revealed live. The grand prize will go to the person who correctly guesses 10 of the 22 lucky numbers in the same column during the first draw of the week. If there are no correct guesses, the jackpot amount will roll over to the next draw.

The live draw for the grand jackpot in the first Number Ten draw of the week can be viewed on Milli Piyango TV. This game, open to anyone over the age of 18, involves 22 lucky numbers in each draw. To win the grand prize, players must correctly guess 10 of these numbers in the same column. The draw for today’s lucky numbers will commence at 20:00. Following the draw, ticket inquiries can be made at

For the latest National Lottery Number Ten results, please visit the dedicated results page.



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