Over 100 Convicted in Fight Against Human Trafficking in Uzbekistan

Last year, Uzbekistan saw a total of 126 individuals convicted of human trafficking, with 84 of them receiving imprisonment sentences and 42 receiving conditional and restricted freedom sentences. According to the Supreme Court, a majority of those convicted were women, with 111 women and 15 men found guilty of human trafficking. The victims of these crimes totaled 242 people, including 151 women and 24 infants under the age of three.

Between January and May of 2024, 69 individuals were tried under Article 135 of the Criminal Code for human trafficking, with 52 of them sentenced to imprisonment and 17 receiving non-imprisonment-related penalties such as fines, conditional sentences, and restrictions of freedom. Of the convicted individuals during this period, 53 were women and 16 were men. The impact of these crimes resulted in harm to 86 people, including 63 women and 14 infants under the age of three.

It is evident from these statistics that human trafficking remains a significant issue in Uzbekistan, with a high number of individuals being convicted for this crime. Efforts to combat human trafficking and protect victims are crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals in society.


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