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The Customs and Excise Department (Establishment, Duties and Working Principles) (Amendment) Draft Law has been approved unanimously in the General Assembly of the Parliament.

During today’s meeting of the General Assembly of the Republic Assembly, several important motions were passed. Firstly, the motion for the third discussion of the Customs and Revenue Administration (Establishment, Duties and Working Principles) (Amendment) Bill was unanimously accepted.

Following that, another motion enabling the Administrative, Public and Health Affairs Committee to work during the General Assembly was also approved unanimously.

Additionally, memorandums regarding the withdrawal of the Companies Amendment Bill and the Foreigners and Immigration (Amendment) Bill were presented for information.

The report on the Customs and Excise Department (Establishment, Duties and Working Principles) (Amendment) Draft Law was presented by Sunat Atun, Chairman of the Administrative, Public and Health Affairs Committee.

Minister of Finance Özdemir Berova then addressed the assembly, stating that efforts are being made to address issues within the Customs Department. He highlighted the improved performance of the “Customs Automation System” compared to last year, and the signing of protocols with the Republic of Turkey for the purchase of x-ray devices for the ports of Kyrenia and Famagusta to enhance security measures.

Berova announced that the device will be installed and operational in Famagusta on June 28, and will be implemented in Kyrenia within two months. He emphasized that the new law will help alleviate personnel shortages at customs, leading to more efficient and effective operations.

Following discussions, the bill was unanimously approved by the assembly, marking a significant step towards improving customs operations and security measures.

As conversations continued after the bill approval, it was evident that the amendments are seen as a positive development for the Customs and Excise Department, aiming to streamline processes and enhance security measures for the benefit of the country.


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