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PKK’s Deadly Triangle: 10 Days Without Food in Nusaybin-Raqqa-Kandil

A story of deception and torture: Young woman shares her experience with PKK

At only 17 years old, a young woman was deceived with a promise of marriage and found herself in a terrorist organization in Syria. After 8 years of trying to escape, being tortured, and experiencing unimaginable suffering, MA was finally able to break free and surrender to the authorities in Turkey.

According to MA, she was lured into the organization with the promise of a house and money in Syria. She went in search of the love of her life but ended up being separated from her and trapped in a terrifying situation. “That girl was intended to deceive young people,” MA said, explaining the tactics used to recruit unsuspecting individuals.

During her time in the PKK, MA was subjected to forced education, severe beatings, and prolonged periods without food. She described her experiences of attempted escapes, and the consequences of being caught, which led to extended periods of imprisonment and further suffering.

After being reunited with her family, MA recounted the sheer panic caused by the Diyarbakır Mothers’ protests demanding the return of their children from the organization. She urged them to continue their efforts, as she believes that these protests have a profound impact on the young people still involved.

“Young people are suffering there and dying in vain,” MA stated. “They don’t even have a grave. I have a message for Diyarbakır Mothers. What I want is for them to continue protesting there because the children are very impressed by them.”

The harrowing experience endured by MA serves as a stark warning about the dangers of falling prey to deceitful recruitment tactics and the harsh realities faced by those who find themselves trapped in terrorist organizations. Her message of hope and support for the efforts of the Diyarbakır Mothers is a testament to the importance of continued advocacy and awareness to prevent further suffering.


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