Kazakh Yurts Provide Shelter for Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Kazakh Yurts Provide Shelter to Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Kazakh yurts erected on the Sütçü Imam University campus in Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye, continue to provide housing for those displaced by last year’s earthquake, reported the Kazinform news agency on Feb. 10.

Tuğba Gülyüz, a resident of the Solidarity Village (Dayanışma obası), shared the challenges faced by the Turkish people after the devastating earthquake, highlighting the crucial role played by Kazakh yurts in offering shelter.

“In the first days following the earthquake, we resided in basic tents, which proved uncomfortable and cold. Nothing compares to the yurts. They offer great convenience, even equipped with air conditioning, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. For us, this was salvation. We began living together as a family, each becoming owners of individual yurts. We no longer require temporary housing. This is the best solution. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who assisted us,” said Gülyüz.

The yurts are equipped with electricity, water supply, and sewage connections. Television antennas and solar panels are installed nearby. Each yurt accommodates the essential needs of a family of three to five, featuring separate sleeping quarters, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

Locals are surprised at experiencing life in yurts, reminiscent of their Turkic ancestors.

During a Feb. 9 press briefing, Mükerrem Celebli, the mayor of Kahramanmaraş, emphasized the Turks’ strong attachment to the Kazakh yurts.

“We have removed all tents and shelters, yet the yurts remain standing. People are highly satisfied with them, opting not to relocate to collective containers. The yurts continue to serve as homes, where people reside and children receive education,” he said.

Last year, Kazakhs raised 18 million tenge ($ 40,368) to purchase yurts for earthquake victims in Türkiye, sending 100 yurts to the country.


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