60,000 Hectares of Land to be Redistributed to the Population

Uzbekistan Aims to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation and Export

During a meeting chaired by the president on February 12, the focus was on the issues of increasing the cultivation and export of fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan. It was emphasized at the meeting that to increase the volume of fruit and vegetable production, another 60,000 hectares of land will be distributed to the population. This move is expected to result in an additional 1.5 million tons of products being harvested and a further increase in exports by $200 million. The importance of properly educating the youth in farming and employing them on these lands was also highlighted.

Furthermore, it was noted that by widely introducing industry and cooperation into the distributed land areas and household plots to the population, an additional $1 billion worth of products could be cultivated. To support this initiative, 1 trillion UZS of credit resources will be allocated. These credits will be issued on cooperation terms for financing the production, equipment, and working capital of up to 100 million UZS without collateral, and up to 150 million UZS with a 50 percent collateral reduction.

In addition, a total of 10,000 units of machinery will be leased to farmers for a period of 10 years with a 3-year grace period. The customs privilege for importing and leasing motor cultivators and mini-tractors will also be extended for 3 years.

The meeting also outlined additional measures to support the production in greenhouses, with a specific focus on the credit mechanism for greenhouse businesses. The president encouraged the construction of compact greenhouses that are heated without fuel and set the task of constructing up to 200 units of 10 square meters each to be delivered ready for operation. Credits of up to 100 million UZS will be provided for these purposes without collateral within the framework of the “Family Entrepreneurship” program.

The initiatives discussed in the meeting demonstrate Uzbekistan’s commitment to promoting agriculture, increasing productivity, and supporting the agricultural community. These efforts are expected to contribute significantly to the country’s economy and further strengthen its position in the global market for fruits and vegetables.


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