President Ersin Tatar’s Departure from the Island

President Ersin Tatar Visits Earthquake Regions in Turkey
President Ersin Tatar of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has left the island to hold discussions and visit the regions affected by the February 6 earthquake in Turkey.

During his 2-day program, President Tatar will visit the Earthquake Martyrdom in Kahramanmaraş and the wreckage of İsias Hotel in Adıyaman. He is expected to make statements to the press during these visits.

Additionally, President Tatar will attend the 12 February Kahramanmaraş Independence anniversary ceremony, give a conference at Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University, and meet with business people at the Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce.

President Tatar will also travel to Gaziantep, where he will participate in the 50th Anniversary events of the Cyprus Peace Operation. As part of these events, Tatar will open an exhibition and give a talk at Gaziantep University.

It is anticipated that President Ersin Tatar will return to the island on Wednesday following the conclusion of his visit to the earthquake-affected regions in Turkey.


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