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Body of Man Discovered in Antalya

The Body of an Unidentified Man Washed Ashore in Antalya

In a sad turn of events, workers at a construction site in the Konyaaltı district of Antalya stumbled upon a tragic sight in the morning hours. They spotted a person standing motionless in the water 2 meters away from the beach and immediately called the 112 Emergency Call Center to report the incident. Responding to the call, teams were dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible.

Upon arrival, the Coast Guard Command diver retrieved the motionless person from the water and brought them to shore. It was determined that the person, a male aged 25-30, did not have any identification and had tragically lost his life. Notably, the upper part of his body that was brought to the shore was found to be naked, with a tattoo on his wrist bearing the name ‘Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’. Subsequently, the body was taken to the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for further investigation.

This unfortunate incident marks the ninth body that has washed ashore in Antalya in the last month. Since January 17th, a total of 9 bodies have been discovered, including one in Alanya, three each in Manavgat and Serik, one in Aksu, and one on Konyaaltı Beach. Among the bodies found was that of 18-year-old Merve Şevval Elmas, who was a student at Akdeniz University.

These tragic events serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of water safety and the ongoing need for vigilance in order to prevent such unfortunate incidents from occurring in the future. Our deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of those who have tragically lost their lives.


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