Paying and Pricing: 2024 YKS Application Fee for ÖSYM

The 2024 YKS (Higher Education Institutions Exam) application process has officially begun, and with it comes the question of how much the application fee will be and how candidates can make their payments. The ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) has announced that candidates will need to pay 295 TL for each session they plan to attend. This means that those attending one session will pay 295 TL, those attending two sessions will pay 590 TL, and those attending all three sessions will pay 885 TL.

So, how can candidates make their payments? ÖSYM has provided several options for payment, including through banks contracted with ÖSYM and through the card payment system “odeme.osym.gov.tr”. The banks with which ÖSYM has agreements include Akbank, Albaraka Turk Participation Bank, Finansbank, Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank, Halkbank, ING Bank, İş Bank, Vakıf Katılım Bank, and Ziraat Bank. Additionally, candidates can also use the ÖSYM Card Payment System for their transactions.

In terms of the application process, candidates can apply for the YKS through ÖSYM’s AİS (Student Selection and Placement System) page.

With the application process now underway, candidates should make sure to pay their fees on time and complete their applications through the official ÖSYM channels. Good luck to all the students preparing for the 2024 YKS!


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