Hamas Issues Statement on Continuing Genocidal War in Rafah

Israel Launches Attack on Southern City of Rafah in Continuation of Conflict with Hamas

This morning, Israel launched an attack on the southern city of Rafah, where many Palestinians had taken shelter after escaping the bombardment in Gaza. The attack comes as a continuation of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In response to the attack, Hamas issued a statement condemning Israel’s actions as a “genocidal war” and accused them of attempting to forcefully displace the Palestinian people. The situation in Gaza remains tense as both sides continue to engage in violent confrontations.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again called for both Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire in order to prevent further casualties and destruction. WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus emphasized the urgent need for a halt in the violence during the 2024 World Government Summit in Dubai.

Ghebreyesus also highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, stating that the medical aid sent so far is “a drop in the ocean” compared to the growing needs of the population. The ongoing conflict has put immense strain on the already struggling health infrastructure in Gaza, making it difficult to provide essential medical care to those in need.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas rages on, the international community continues to call for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in order to prevent further suffering and loss of life. The need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza is clear, and urgent action is required to address the growing humanitarian crisis.


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