Record-breaking 20 Goals in 6 Matches in 1st League – BRTK

The 18th week of the AKSA 1st League has come to a close with some exciting matches played by the teams. Here are the results:

– Düzkaya 3 – Esentepe 1
– Mustafa Hacıali Yılmazköy 3 – Kyrenia Public House 1
– Passage 4 – Lapta 1
– Binatlı 3 – Mormenekşe 0
– Ünimar Maraş 1 – Paphos Ülkü Yurdu 0
– Ozanköy 0 – Dem’s Construction Çanakkale 2

The matches were intense and showcased the skills and determination of the teams. Fans were on the edge of their seats as they watched the players give it their all on the field.

The AKSA 1st League continues to be a platform for talented footballers to showcase their abilities and for fans to enjoy some thrilling matches. As the league progresses, we can only expect more excitement and impressive performances from the teams. Stay tuned for the upcoming matches and witness the drama unfold on the field.


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