Remembering Leyla Gencer: Her Iconic Performance in “Don Giovanni”

İstanbul State Opera and Ballet (İDOB) Director and General Art Director Caner Akgün has recently made an important statement regarding the upcoming performance at the Atatürk Cultural Center Türk Telekom Opera Stage and the archive work of İDOB.

Akgün mentioned the late opera singer Leyla Gencer, who passed away 16 years ago on May 10, and announced that the performance of ‘Don Giovanni’ on May 9 will be dedicated to her memory. He emphasized the importance of honoring past legends in order to pave the way for future generations to appreciate and explore the significance of cultural heritage.

Furthermore, Akgün highlighted the efforts of İDOB in utilizing social media effectively to share archive materials with art lovers, encouraging individuals to contribute to the digital archive by submitting relevant materials. He stressed the significance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage through archival materials, both physically and digitally.

In addition, Akgün mentioned the upcoming 15th International Istanbul Opera and Ballet Festival, scheduled for June, which will feature performances such as ‘Flying Dutchman’, ‘Madame Butterfly’, ‘Zorba’ ballet, and more. He expressed excitement about the festival program and underscored the importance of showcasing modern approaches in artistry, attracting a diverse audience of all ages.

In memory of soprano Zehra Yıldız, one of the İDOB soloists who passed away in 1997, the performance of ‘Flying Dutchman’ on June 1 will be dedicated to her legacy. Akgün praised Yıldız’s contributions to the institution and emphasized the significance of recognizing and honoring the achievements of talented artists within the opera and ballet community.

Overall, Caner Akgün’s statements reflect İDOB’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage, promoting artistic innovation, and honoring the legacy of past luminaries in the field of opera and ballet. The institution continues to strive for excellence in showcasing international talent, fostering artistic exchange, and engaging audiences of all backgrounds in the rich cultural landscape of Istanbul.



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