Sports and Athletes Thrive Under President’s Leadership

Minister Varank supports sports and athletes in Turkey

Minister Varank, who is also the AK Party’s Bursa 2nd regional deputy candidate, attended the ‘Meeting with Personnel Serving in Earthquake Zones and Aid to Earthquake Zones’ event organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Later, he went to the ‘2022 Belediyespor Achievement Awards Ceremony’ held at Hüdavendigar Hall. During the ceremony, national taekwondo player Hatice Kübra İlgün, who took third place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and became the European champion in 2022, expressed her desire to drive Turkey’s official vehicle, Togg, to Varank. When Varank asked if she had a license, İlgün responded that she had a 12-year license. Varank commended her, saying that she looked young.

Varank emphasized the importance of sports and athletes in the government’s policies. He thanked the people who support sports and athletes, guide young people towards sports, and promote the sports that bring brotherhood. He also praised the infrastructure investments made by the government to improve sports facilities, train athletes, and lead young people towards sports. Turkey’s success in sports is a result of these investments.

Varank acknowledged President Erdogan’s passion for sports and his enthusiasm for following the developments in the field of sports in Turkey. He asserted that President Erdogan is an athlete-friendly president and supports the nation’s achievements.

After the event, Varank kept his promise to İlgün, and she got to drive Togg with her fellow athletes. Varank’s support for sports and athletes shows the government’s continuous commitment to promoting sports in Turkey, improving infrastructure investments and encouraging young people to get involved in sports.


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