The Economic Agenda for the Week of February 12-16

The Economic Agenda for the Week of February 12-16

As we head into a new week, the global markets will be closely watching the release of key economic data, particularly focusing on US inflation figures. Additionally, the US will also be releasing retail sales and industrial production data, which are expected to have an impact on the markets.

The UK will also be updating a number of economic publications, including GDP, inflation, and labor market statistics, providing a comprehensive overview of the country’s economic performance.

In Japan, growth conditions will be assessed with the release of preliminary 4th quarter GDP data, shedding light on the state of the Japanese economy.

Locally, Turkey will be revealing its unemployment rate, construction costs, balance of payments, and Central Government budget figures. The “Market Expectations Survey” will also be an important item on the agenda.

These updates and releases will provide valuable insights into the state of the global and domestic economies, helping investors and businesses make informed decisions in the coming week.


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