Turkistan City Hosts Headgear Exhibition

The World of Headdresses exhibition opened in Turkistan city on Feb. 5, displaying national headgear from various countries. The exhibition, which is dedicated to World Hijab Day, aims to showcase headdresses and scarves of people from countries around the world.

The exhibition has taken inspiration from the character Mudhatter from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.” Organizers have engaged students and residents of the city in the hat-making process, adding a creative and interactive element to the display.

Throughout history, headdresses have been a symbol of power, worn primarily by noble and wealthy individuals. The size and height of the hat were indicative of the status of its owner.

The exhibition features a diverse range of headdresses associated with different nationalities, including the chalma, fez, skufia, turban, panamka, kokoshnik, bandana, and bashlyk, as well as traditional Korean gat hats, Chinese Douli conical hats, and Native American roach headdresses.

The exhibition will be open for two weeks, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the rich cultural and historical significance of headdresses from around the world.


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