Closure of Five Private Higher Education Institutions

The Ministry of Higher Education Ensures Rights of Students from Suspended Private Higher Education Institutions

In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovations clarified the rights that will be granted to students studying at private higher education institutions in Uzbekistan whose licenses have been suspended.

The ministry reported that the relevant licenses of 5 private higher education institutions in the country have been revoked due to gross violations of licensing requirements and conditions. Additionally, the court process for the annulment of one private higher education institution’s license is currently ongoing.

As per a presidential decree, the ministry has been granted the authority to transfer students from educational institutions whose licenses have been revoked or from closed educational programs to appropriate and equivalent educational directions and specialties of state and private educational institutions in accordance with established procedures.

It has been confirmed that all students from Valley Innovative University and Binari University in Urgench, whose licenses have been fully revoked after court proceedings, have been transferred to other higher education institutions in an appropriate manner. Efforts are also being made to facilitate the transfer of students from other higher education institutions whose licenses have been revoked.

The ministry has reassured that every student from a higher education institution with a revoked license will be adequately supported. Based on the applications of all students, their studies will be transferred to other institutions in line with the established procedure.

This initiative aims to ensure that students are not disadvantaged due to the revocation of licenses from private higher education institutions. The ministry is committed to upholding the rights of students and providing them with continued access to quality education.


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