US Supplies Coyote Anti-Drone System

The US Army has recently signed a $75 million contract with defense technology company Raytheon for the production of 600 Coyote 2C Interceptors. This announcement comes at a time when the demand for anti-drone systems is on the rise, particularly in the face of increasing kamikaze drone attacks on US troops in the Middle East.

The official statement from the US Army regarding the contract emphasized the need to increase production capacity in response to the growing demand for Coyote Interceptors. The contract will see Raytheon supplying 600 units of the ammunition to the US Army.

The Coyote 2C Interceptor is designed to work with Raytheon’s Ku Band Radio Frequency Sensor (KuRFS), which has been specifically developed to detect UAV threats to the US Army. The system is also equipped with a man-in-the-loop capability, allowing for continuous control during intercept missions.

The system, which has a length of 600 mm and a wingspan of 1473 mm, is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 130 km per hour. With a weight of 5.9 kg, it is capable of destroying enemy UAVs by hitting or exploding near them and scattering fragments from the 1.8 kg warhead.

In addition to its anti-drone capabilities, the Coyote 2C Interceptor can be integrated into various platforms, including land-based tracked and mobile launchers. It is currently integrated into the Oshkosh JLTV 4×4 vehicle.

Raytheon recently unveiled the Coyote Block 2+ Anti-Drone System at the World Defense Show (WDS) Fair in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This system is an improved version of the Coyote Block 2, which was introduced in 2020. The Coyote Block 2+ is designed to engage single and swarm UAVs at a range of 10 km, providing an enhanced multi-targeting capability.

As the demand for anti-drone systems continues to grow, the US Army’s contract with Raytheon underscores the importance of innovative defense technologies in countering emerging threats on the battlefield.


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