Uzbekistan Citizens Warned of Road Hazards in Kazakhstan due to Freezing Conditions

The Agency for External Labor Migration in Uzbekistan has issued a warning to citizens who are currently in the Republic of Kazakhstan or traveling through the transit route. The warning comes after a sharp drop in temperatures in Kazakhstan has caused issues related to road travel.

Citizens are being advised to strictly adhere to all road safety rules, use safe means of transportation, and avoid unnecessary travel on long-distance roads. Movement on highways of national significance has been restricted due to the continued low temperatures, and it is important for citizens to take extra precautions while traveling in these conditions.

The agency’s statement emphasizes the importance of being cautious and prioritizing safety during this time. It is crucial for Uzbekistani citizens in Kazakhstan to be well-informed about the current road conditions and to take necessary measures to ensure their safety while traveling.

As the winter weather continues to pose challenges for road travel, it is essential for citizens to stay updated on any developments and to follow the guidance provided by local authorities. Prioritizing safety and taking necessary precautions will help ensure the well-being of Uzbekistani citizens traveling in Kazakhstan during this time.


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