An Exclusive Look at Nazan Öncel’s Upcoming Album Concert

Renowned composer and songwriter Nazan Öncel has marked her return to the music scene with the release of her 13th studio album, “Kara Plak (A Song for the Night)”, after a five-year hiatus. The album, which was released under the DMC label, features 10 songs with arrangements by Erman Arda and Janti Hamit.

Öncel kicked off the launch of her new album with a concert, where she expressed her gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support. “The power of songs brought us together,” she said, adding, “Long live the songs. Old friends, new friends, all of you are welcome. I was so happy that if I had known, I would have done this much earlier. I will be reading Kara Plak for the first time here. Young people. I will not leave them unless they leave me.”

The cover of the album, which features stunning artwork, was created by painter Arslan Eroğlu using watercolor brush techniques. The album includes tracks such as “Esme”, “Gurur Çokmazı”, “I’m in Cihangir Gel”, “My Lion”, “What’s Your Purpose”, “Mother, I Became a Human Being”, “Köprü Altı”, “Two Moonies”, and “Help”.

Fans of Nazan Öncel can expect a unique and heartfelt musical experience with “Kara Plak (A Song for the Night)”, as the talented artist continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talents and artistry.


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