Bringing a Modern Emergency Service to Nalbantoğlu Hospital: Dinçyürek

Health Minister Dr. Hakan Dinçyürek recently visited the State Hospital in Nicosia, Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu, to inspect the renovations made in the Emergency Department. During the visit, he received updates on the progress of the work and expressed his satisfaction with the improvements being made.

Dr. Dinçyürek mentioned that as part of the restructuring in healthcare, new health centers, hospital constructions, and operating rooms are being equipped with state-of-the-art technological devices. He also highlighted the ongoing repairs of existing buildings and announced that construction will commence later this month once the tender files are finalized.

The Emergency Department at the hospital currently serves hundreds of patients on a daily basis, operating 24 hours a day. The ongoing renovations aim to create a more modern, hygienic, and comfortable environment for both healthcare professionals and patients and their families. Dr. Dinçyürek assured that efforts to enhance the Emergency Service are progressing rapidly.

Despite the renovations, the Emergency Department continues to operate seamlessly, with strict precautions in place to minimize disruptions for patients. Dr. Dinçyürek emphasized the importance of completing the works promptly to provide a modern emergency service to the community.

During his visit, Dr. Dinçyürek inspected the renovations on-site and provided necessary instructions to the hospital staff and technical personnel. He reassured that the renovation will be completed efficiently to ensure the timely delivery of a modernized Emergency Department.

Overall, the government’s commitment to improving healthcare facilities and services is evident through these renovations, ensuring better quality care for the residents of Nicosia and beyond.


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