Direct Investment Surges by 73%

Foreign investment continues to play a crucial role in driving the economy of Mongolia. The government is actively working to attract and retain investors by creating a stable and trustworthy legal environment.

According to recent data, direct investment in Mongolia has seen a significant increase in the first quarter of 2024, reaching a total of 885 million USD. This marks a significant 73 percent increase compared to the same period in the previous year.

The majority of the investment, 79 percent to be exact, amounting to 698 million USD, is concentrated in the mining sector. This is followed by 8 percent (75 million USD) in professional, scientific, and technical activities, 6 percent (54 million USD) in the trade sector, and 3 percent (26 million USD) in the finance and insurance sector. The remaining 4 percent (32 million USD) has been distributed among various other sectors such as transport, information, communication, and construction.

This influx of foreign investment highlights the confidence that investors have in the Mongolian economy and the opportunities it presents. With the government’s continued efforts to provide a conducive legal environment, Mongolia is poised to attract even more foreign investment in the future.


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