How to Get Rid of a Foul and Persistent Throat Tickle

What Causes a Stuck and Stinging Feeling in the Throat?

Experiencing a tickling and stuck feeling in the throat can be uncomfortable, especially when it makes swallowing difficult. There are various factors that can cause this discomfort, including throat dryness, psychological problems such as anxiety and stress disorders, long-term smoking, allergic reactions, postnasal discharge due to cold, side effects of drugs, and enlargement of the thyroid gland.

To relieve the tickling in the throat, it is important to identify its cause and seek the appropriate treatment method. Some simple techniques that can be applied at home include chewing gum, drinking plenty of lukewarm fluids, practicing breathing exercises, and applying hot compresses. Keeping the throat moist is also crucial in reducing the discomfort, and herbal cures and throat sprays may also help. Throat lozenges, available in pharmacies, are also effective in relieving sore throat.

However, if the tickling and stinging sensation in the throat persists, it could be a sign of some underlying diseases such as postnasal drip, throat reflux, or chronic pharyngitis. Therefore, consulting a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment is necessary, especially if the discomfort does not go away with home remedies.

Other reasons that cause a tickling and stuck feeling in the throat include dehydration, throat inflammation, irritation, and allergies. Seeking help from a health institution for proper diagnosis is recommended.

In conclusion, knowing the different causes of a tickling and stuck feeling in the throat and seeking the right treatment can help alleviate the discomfort and prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.


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