Man Stranded in Blocked Village Taken to Hospital by Emergency Teams

Ardahan COPD Patient Saved by Emergency Health Teams in Severe Winter

As Ardahan experienced one of the harshest winters in recent years, the collapse of electricity poles due to extreme weather posed a life-threatening situation for Yunus Yılmaz, a COPD patient in the Çağlayık village of Ardahan center. With no electricity to power his oxygen machine at home, Yılmaz’s relatives urgently called 112 Emergency Health teams for assistance.

The medical teams faced significant challenges in reaching Yılmaz as the village road was closed due to heavy snow and blizzard. Determined to save the patient, the medical teams trekked through the difficult conditions, eventually reaching Yılmaz’s home. After providing him with first aid, the paramedics placed Yılmaz on a stretcher and maneuvered through the treacherous road to rush him to the ambulance waiting nearby.

Yılmaz was promptly transported to Ardahan State Hospital, where he received the necessary medical treatment. The dedication and prompt action of the emergency health teams played a crucial role in saving Yılmaz’s life, despite the challenging winter conditions.

As Ardahan continues to grapple with severe winter weather, the heroic efforts of the emergency health teams serve as a reminder of the unwavering commitment to saving lives, no matter the obstacles that may arise. The incident also highlights the importance of timely and efficient emergency response, particularly in rural areas that are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.


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