Meet Hilmi Cem İntepe: Potential Survivor All Star Contender (Acun Ilıcalı Reveals)

Hilmi Cem İntepe to Participate in Survivor All Star

An emergency council was recently held during the 28th episode of the 2024 Survivor All Star on February 8. At the council, it was announced by Ilıcalı that Turabi and Nihat bid farewell to the competition due to health issues. However, he also shared the exciting news that three new participants would be joining the competition.

Ilıcalı revealed that Avatar Atakan, Sema Aydemir, and Hilmi Cem İntepe will be taking part in Survivor All Star. But who is Hilmi Cem İntepe?

Hilmi Cem İntepe was born in 1992 in the Yenice District of Menteşe, Muğla. He spent his childhood in Bodrum’s Güvercinlik District and at the age of 17, he began his journey in Latin dance, ultimately becoming the Turkish Youth Champion in salsa multiple times. His television debut was in the Talent You Are Türkiye competition with a captivating dance performance. In 2013, he participated in the Survivor competition and achieved first place, later returning for Survivor All Star.

Aside from his success in reality TV, İntepe ventured into acting, debuting as Yavuz in the TV series Magnificent Century. He further showcased his acting talent in other TV series and movies, such as Çalıkuşu, Stajyer Mafya, and Çılgın Dersane 4: Ada. One of his notable roles was as Kelebek in the TV series Bodrum Masalı, aired between 2016 and 2017.

As a multifaceted talent, Hilmi Cem İntepe is sure to bring excitement and skill to Survivor All Star, offering viewers a thrilling and dynamic addition to the competition.


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