Minister’s Abundance, Limited Territories: Current State of the Used Car Market

The second-hand car market in Gaziantep, Turkey, is experiencing a surprising phenomenon. Despite a high density of people visiting the market on Sundays, there are few actual buyers. This perplexing situation has been described by sellers and potential buyers alike as having “many ministers, many customers, but no buyers.”

Ahmet Yaşar, a citizen looking to purchase a vehicle, shared his frustration, stating that prices are high and that neither sellers nor buyers are able to make transactions. Muhammet Deniz, a seller, added to this sentiment, noting that while there is a dense crowd in the second-hand car market, an overwhelming 80 percent of the visitors are not seeking to make a purchase.

Tevfik Yüksek, another citizen, emphasized the absurdity of the current market, highlighting that prices have started to rise again despite earlier regulations designed to lower them. Yüksek cited an example of a vehicle with 320,000 kilometers being priced at 440,000 liras, expressing disbelief at the situation.

This unexpected turn of events in the second-hand car market in Gaziantep raises questions about the factors causing the lack of actual sales despite the influx of visitors. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues or if adjustments are made to encourage more transactions in the future.


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