Numerous Containers Stranded in Tianjin

Container congestion at Tianjin port causing delays in shipments to Mongolia

The Tianjin port in China is currently facing a major issue with container congestion, with 5,450 containers stuck at the port. This has led to delays in shipments to Mongolia, as only one train is being loaded every two days on the Tianjin Port-Zamiin-Uud route, compared to the usual 1.5-2 trains per day.

As a result of this bottleneck, containers coming from Tianjin Port to Mongolia are now waiting for 80-90 days before reaching their destination. Despite unofficial reports suggesting that China is not to blame for the situation, the Ulaanbaatar Railway Company in Mongolia is working to address the issues related to the Tianjin port congestion.

One company feeling the impact of the delays is “Toyota Sales Mongolia” LLC, which has reported difficulties in transporting “Toyota” and “Lexus” brand cars from Japan to Mongolia due to the stagnation at Tianjin port and the buildup of containers. The company is actively seeking solutions to mitigate the effects of the delays on their operations.

Efforts are being made to address the congestion at Tianjin port and expedite the flow of shipments to Mongolia, but in the meantime, businesses are urged to plan for potential delays in their supply chains. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.


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