“Over 0.5 Million Property Owners Apply for Conversion”

In Turkey, old and earthquake-resistant buildings are set to be replaced by solid ones, with the state covering half of the cost. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has launched the “half us” campaign to encourage urban transformation, and there has been great interest from property owners.

Under the project, the plan is to transform 200,000 on-site buildings and 100,000 residences in the reserve in the first year, with the aim of transforming approximately 1 million buildings over five years.

The transformation will begin in Istanbul for the first phase and then spread to seven regions. During the process, property owners will receive 5,250 liras of rental support and 10,500 liras of relocation support.

This initiative is an important step towards replacing unsafe buildings with sturdy ones that can withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. It is also a significant opportunity for property owners to improve the quality and value of their assets, with the added financial support from the government.

The “half us” campaign is a positive move towards enhancing urban resilience and improving the overall quality of life for citizens. It sets an example for other countries that face similar challenges and provides a solution that benefits both property owners and the wider community.


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