Polish President’s Role in Ernest Muçi Transfer Revealed: Last Minute Sports News

Beşiktaş Adds Ernest Muçi to Squad with the Help of Polish President

Beşiktaş made a significant addition to its squad in the closing hours of the interim transfer period by signing Ernest Muçi from Legia Warsaw for a transfer fee of 10 million euros.

The signing ceremony was marked by a special thank you to Polish President Duda from Hüseyin Yücel, the second president of the black and white team. It was reported that President Duda played a crucial role in facilitating the transfer, thanks to his close relationship with Beşiktaş president Hasan Arat.

According to reports from Milliyet, Beşiktaş initially faced rejection for their 10 million euro offer for Muçi, prompting President Arat to seek support from President Duda in convincing Legia Warsaw to sell the player.

Despite receiving offers of approximately 15 million euros from other European clubs, Legia Warsaw was initially reluctant to sell Muçi. However, with the involvement of President Duda, Beşiktaş was able to secure the player’s transfer for 10 million euros, effectively receiving a 5 million euro discount thanks to Duda’s intervention.

This unexpected turn of events underscores the influential role played by President Duda in the transfer dealings, ultimately benefitting Beşiktaş and adding a valuable asset to the team. Fans of the club are eagerly anticipating the debut of Muçi and are hopeful that his addition will contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming season.


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